What Does a book made by Harubook Look Like?

You can choose the number of pages for your book from a 20-page book to a 365-page book. We will show you the different kinds of book made by Harubook.


32p book

The binding of 20, 32p-book is saddle-stitched binding.

For 48 and more page-books, the binding is wireless binding.

Page formation

From 64p-book, the wing and flyleaf is added. The flyleaf will be on the first page and the end.

The title page is printed after the flyleaf and it is the same as the cover page. The information on writer, publisher, date, and printing is written on the end page.

Back cover

Book Spine

The title will be printed on the book spine from a 64-page book and more.

You can choose an option for page number when you order a book.

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