Harubook Writing Education, Real Case

You can use Harubook in many ways. Sometimes you can write your daily life or collect your memory of a trip, or just write a letter to your family or friends. Also, you can use Harubook for ‘Education’

Even now, numbers of Schools from Korea are educating how to make a book with Harubook. What are the reasons Harubook is loved by various places such as schools, organizations, libraries, and so on?

Because the students design the book however they want, you can save unnecessary process and time! Aso, It’s possible to make one book per one person at a reasonable price.

We’d love to show you the real case of Writing Education by using Harubook.


A Middle school writing class,
each of the students made one book per one person

“The students loved it and as a teacher, I felt so proud. Other teachers showed interest after seeing the book. I’d like to do it again next year.” – A Middle school teacher

Elementary school students can be an author

Entire student from B elementary school has made their own one and only book in the world.

S High School writing club fair

“The students designed the book by collecting the writings from the member of the club. They loved it so much. Thank you” – S High school teacher

Library, Group

Recording the camp activity in a book 

At a science activity camp, 100 elementary school students have made a book with a memory of the camp.

2019 Seoul International Book Fair event

We made books for the chosen 100 teenager teams in SIBF 2019. 100 kinds of books were exhibited and were handout from the Harubook booth.

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