2020 TIBE x Harubook Self-Publishing Event!

Thank you for applying TIBExHarubook Self-publishing event! Here is a brief explanation for those who are selected for this event.

Now start making your own book.

Step1. Install ‘Harubook’ app

Download Link: Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Step2. Writing your story at Harubook

Please select ‘Write’ at the menu bar. You can use various images and fonts that are provided.

One post is one page of your book. If you complete writing 64 posts, make a new book at the ‘Library’.

You can set the order of the pages and edit the cover here. please select a 64-page book when you make it.(This event is for making 64page-book)

If you are new to Harubook, please refer to the guide on YouTube.

Step3. Ordering

You must order until “27 Jan 2020” below process

  • 1. Select ‘Library’ at the menu bar
  • 2. Select your book at library page
  • 3. If you fill all pages of the book, you can see ‘Complete editing‘ button. Push the button.
  • 4. If you completed editing, you can see ‘Order’ button.
  • 5. First ordering page, you select ‘TIBE2020‘ at group order list
  • 6. Next ordering page, you have to fill in your personal information : name, email, phone number.
  • 7. Last ordering page, you check the toc and select ‘Group’ at pay method and click ‘Pay’ button.

Step4. Pick up 

You can pick up your book at the Korea Pavilion.

Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, D127
Date: 7th-12th, May

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